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Gods Love Letter


My Dear Children,

Please accept my gift of new life, abundant life, and eternal life.
You are loved, valued, and accepted in my Kingdom.
I have always loved you and will never stop loving you,
for my mercy endures forever.
We are a family, reconciled by the blood of Jesus,
and nothing can separate us.
When your sin abounded, my grace abounded more. 
I liberated you from all condemnation
and made you righteous with my righteousness.
I am your redeemer, the God who forgives all your sins.
I am your physician, the God who heals all your diseases.
I am your shepherd, the God who supplies all your needs.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid,
for Jesus will calm every storm.
Follow me and I will give you the desires of your heart.
You will never be alone,
for I will always be with you, in you, and for you!

Love forever,                   
Your Heavenly Father  


Grace is the open door to eternal favor with God!
You are now loved, valued, accepted and forgiven forever!
You are a liberated, righteous new creation in Christ!
You are now righteous with God's righteousness!

God is not out to get you!
God is out to bless you!
He did not send His Word to put you down!
He sent His Word to lift you up and put you over!

Mighty Manna is God's living, loving,
liberating, life-changing, life-saving Word!

It's healing energy
It's spiritual nourishment
It's supernatural strength
It's incomparable love
It's transforming wisdom
It's miraculous impartation
It's unconditional acceptance
It's wise counsel
It's radical revelation
It's genuine compassion

It's resurrection power
It's overcoming faith
It's abundant life
It's liberating light
It's eternal truth
It's indescribable peace
It's real encouragement
It's hidden treasure
It's glorious salvation
It's creative force

God's Word is Good News

God is Love
God is Good and His Mercy Endures Forever
He is the God of the Fresh Start!
The Liberator Has Come
Liberation is Here
The Prison Door is Open!
You Don't Have to Live in Condemnation and Defeat!

   Gary Marchinke

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