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Holy Spirit

(Day of Pentecost)

As Christians we do not go with Jesus from the cradle to the cross and hang there with Him.  We follow Him from the open tomb to the upper room and reign in life with Him!
(Romans 5:17).

The Open Tomb United the Believers
The Upper Room Filled the Believers

The Open Tomb Was For Resurrection
The Upper Room Was For Transformation

The Open Tomb Was the Gateway to Life and Eternity
The Upper Room Was the Gateway to Power and Ministry

The Open Tomb Proved Jesus Overcame the World
The Upper Room Empowered Believers to Overcome the World

The Open Tomb Was Christ in Heaven and Back in Glory
The Upper Room was Christ in Us The Hope of Glory

The Open Tomb Could Be Seen and Understood
The Upper Room was an Experience Outside the Realm of Human Understanding

To be filled with the Holy Spirit today is an experience outside the realm of human understanding,
inside the Word of God!
(Acts 2:4)

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