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Carjacked in CA


Location: Grossmont Shopping Center, La Mesa, CA
Date: December 23, 1996
Time: 8:50 p.m.
Event: I was carjacked!!

I could have been killed. Killing people is a very simple and easy thing in California because that state does not believe in self-defense. They believe in fighting crime with gun control laws. California has hundreds of gun control laws. But they don't prevent crime, because the criminals do not obey them.

 These fluff and bluff laws encourage and reward criminal activity, but penalize and endanger law-abiding citizens. They make criminals more aggressive and
law-abiding citizens less safe. Criminals love gun control laws, because criminals prefer unarmed victims!

The car jacking was a typical California crime; the criminal had a gun but I had nothing. I was a sitting duck.
I had no protection.
I had nothing going for me.
I was totally at the mercy of the car jacker.

The State of California allows the privileged elite – such as politicians and friends of politicians – to carry a gun for self-protection. Most individuals are consistently denied their God-given right to protect and defend themselves. This is perverted justice on a grand scale. It is not what our freedom-fighting, founding fathers had in mind. The Second Amendment to our Constitution is an acknowledgment of our absolute right to own and carry guns.

"…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

California is the great state of infringement!
But now I live in Nevada.
Now I have a concealed-carry permit.
Now I feel safe!

It is more than guns, it is survival!
It is more than guns, it is freedom!

Gary Marchinke
Pahrump, NV

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