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Second Heaven


PLACE:The Kingdom of Darkness

The Second Heaven

Satan:Is the Apostle John dead yet?

All Spirit:Yes!

Satan:Good, we must find a way to eliminate the Office of the Apostle.  Any ideas!

Spirit of Deception:I will start telling the High One's people that the apostles are no longer needed,

that they were only ordained by the High One to write the New Testament.

Since that sounds logical, the church will accept it in due time.

Satan:What about the rest of the High One's ministers.  You know the prophets,

evangelists, pastors and teachers?

Spirit of Confusion:Wait a minute, I've got a great idea.  Let's shoot for the one leader system.

Satan:That's good.  The one who is last on the list.  The pastor/teacher.

All Spirits:Oh lord satan, you truly are the great one.  We praise you.  Has not the High

One's son said that the whole world lies in your hands because of your great

victory in the Garden of Eden.

Satan:Yes, and I am the most beautiful angel in the heavens and what have you

learned from me?

All Spirits:That good is evil and evil is good.

Satan:Excellent.  Now the question of the day.  What will the church of the High One's

Son give to us?

All Spirits:The group that has no money, the children.

Satan:Wonderful, yes, but how?

Deception:It's already working.  I will tell the parents, "Why worry about your children.

You know that the High One's Son is coming for you in the rapture before

your children reach adulthood, why worry?

Satan:Laughter, more laughter.

All Spirits:Laughter


PLACE:The Second Heaven

Satan:The time is getting short.  I want to hear a good report.

Spirit of Seduction:Master, we have 50,000 porno sites on the internet.  Most of the movies out of

Hollywood are about us and of course our old stand-by's, abortion, divorce,

drugs, rock and rap music, etc.

Satan:What about the schools?

Seduction:This is really good news.  According to Focus on the Family, 90% of the

Christian Families have their children in public schools, our schools.

Satan:Hysterical laughter.  90% of the Christian children in my schools, how perfect.

How foolish the parents are, they take their children to church on Sunday's and

Wednesday's and in most of the High One's churches Sunday school is little

more than a baby-sitting service.  We must keep this knowledge to ourselves.

All Spirits:Yes, by all means.

Deception:Look at this down on earth.  Just what we have been talking about.  Three kids in

an American family who are bored with church.  Their names are Kyle, Shawn,

and Troy.  All under the age of 10 years.

Spirit of Death:Yes, and I almost have little Shawn at the deep end of the pool.

Satan:All children are at the deep end of the pool.  If I can't kill them physically,

I will kill them spiritually.

Deception:How do we do this?

Satan:Deception, one more stupid question like that and I will send you down to earth

where you will have to find a human body to live in or an animal to live in.  

Would you like that?

Deception:Forgive me master.

Satan:Alright, what day is it?  Oh yes, it's the High One's day, Sunday.  What's on TV

for Christian adults and their children?

Spirit of

Entertainment:We have 40 preachers for the adults and none for the children.

Satan:That's good.  What about guest speakers in the churches.  What percent for

adults and what percent for children?

Spirit of Guest

Speakers:99 Percent for Adults and 1 Percent for children?

Spirit of Fear:Who are the 1% for children.

Satan:Willie George and Bill Wilson.  Children evangelists who I hate.

Spirit of the Mind:Don't worry yourself lord satan, when these children evangelists speak,

which is very seldom, they are most always rebuked by the pastor for

daring to speak the truth about the condition of the children in his church

and they are never invited back.

Satan:I like the part about the pastor thinking it is his church (laughter).

All Spirits:More laughter.

Satan:Now do you see the darkness Deception?

Deception:Yes master, but let's get back to little Kyle, Shawn and Troy.  Were their

parents correct in saying that the boredom of their children had nothing to do with the church program?

Satan:Of course, it had everything to do with the church program.  Like most kids,

Kyle, Shawn and Troy understand more than their parents realize.

Deception:Such as?

Satan:All the above Deception, all the above.  If Kyle, Shawn, and Troy are like

most kids they sense they are last in the church.

Deception:But these boy's parents work for Focus on the Family and they are

sincere.  Won't they hurt us?

Satan:Yes, the work that the parents and others are doing will hurt us to a degree,

but remember my children, we have the numbers on our side.  We own the

US Government and the Public Schools and most of the population of the US.

I am not worried.

Deception:If you will lord satan, I would like to introduce our last but not lease speaker

for this council meeting.  The Spirit of Attitude.

Spirit of Attitude:Have no fear, the Spirit of Attitude is here.  What it is, what it was and what is

going to be and it's all about me.

Satan:Attitude, give us some examples from the High One's Bible of your work.  One

from the Old Testament and one from the New.

Attitude:First, there is a good example in the Old Testament in 2Kings 20:17-19.  

Hezekiah has been told by the High One's prophet Isaiah that his descendents

would be slaves to the King of Babylon.  Look at his attitude.  Will there not be

peace and truth at least in my days.  You see, Hezekiah cared for his generation.

He loves being King.  He just had no heart for the next generation.  This

attitude, which is my attitude, is prevailing in the Christian community today.

Satan:Well spoken Attitude.  I am promoting you to stand at the right side of my


Attitude:I'm not worthy lord satan.

Satan:I know, but since Deception asked one too many dumb questions, he has been

demoted and you have taken his place.  Now you said you had a New Testament


Attitude:Matthew 19:13.  Little children are brought to the High One's Son to be blessed

by Him and note my influence on the disciples of the High One.  They rebuke

the parents for bringing them.

Satan:I'm glad to see nothing has changed in the past 2000 years.  What was the High

One's attitude at the transgression of His children.

Attitude:They probably received the strongest rebuke in the New Testament.  You see,

children are #1 in the High One's Third Heaven.

Satan:Yes, and children are #1 in my kingdom, and last in the church, just the way I

planned it.  Well I am pleased overall with this our annual meeting.  One more

thing we must work hard at keeping secret from the Christian parents and the

body of the High One's Son.

All Spirits:What is it?

Satan:The children of this generation are the last generation.  They will either see

the coming of the High One for His church, or the coming of my son, the

Antichrist, and time is running out.  Spirit of Evil, give us one last good

report before we end this meeting.

Spirit of Evil;90% of the teenagers leaving the church by the time they are 20 years

of age and the number one book the Christian children are reading is not

the Bible, but your book lord satan, Harry Potter.  And for many of the Christian

adults, your masterpiece, The DaVinci Code and The Secret and again for kids,

The Golden Compass.

Satan:This report makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

All Spirits:Yes, warm and fuzzy.



TIME:2016 AD
PLACE:Second Heaven

This is the second council meeting.  The last one being in 2008.

Satan:Is Billy Graham dead yet?

All Spirits:No, no, no.

Satan:Good, good, good

Deception:Why good?  We thought you wanted him dead.

Satan:Deception, you never fail to amaze me. Remember my children.  These
council meetings are designed to test you to see if you are worthy to be
in the second heaven.  Look around, Deception. You can see that some of
your brothers are missing. Where are they, All Spirits?

All Spirits:On earth looking for humans and animals to live in.

Satan:Correct, make sure you don't end up there. Deception you are walking on
thin ice.

Deception:I won't fail you again master.

Satan:Good, now let's hear from some of our new members. Spirit of Secrets,
what say you?

Spirit of Secrets:First, the humans on earth still don't understand that they were all born with
your nature. They do evil and think they are doing the High One's will.

All Spirits:Laughter and more laughter.

Satan:Good report. I now have some secrets that I have hidden from you since
our last meeting.

All Spirits:What are they lord satan, what?  What? We have to know.

Satan:Be patient, I will tell you. All right, I will share one secret now and one at
the end of the meeting.  You all asked why it is good that Billy Graham is still
alive. I am sure that you have noticed that the High One's old timers have died
off. People like Oral Roberts, David Wilkerson, etc.

Deception:So what?

Satan:Be still Deception for the rest of this meeting. Only a few of the High One's
servants know this.  But when one generation dies out, the next generation will
be two or three times more powerful. They will be like Elijah, I am sure yourselfall remember him.

All Spirits:Yes, we all hated him.

Satan:When Billy Graham dies, being the last of the old timers, then Elijah's will come
forth. We must keep Rev. Graham alive as long as possible and keep this secret
to ourselves.

All Spirits:Yes, we must, at all cost.

Satan:Now I want to introduce another new member.  Let's welcome the wonderful
Spirit of Cancer.

All Spirits:Welcome, welcome Spirit of Cancer.

Spirit of Cancer:I am not worthy to have you all praise me.  Lord satan, thank you for the praise.
But I must confess one failure, please forgive me. There is one tiny ministry in
Los Angeles.

Satan:Awe, Los Angeles, the City of the Angels, my angels. Continue Spirit of Cancer.

Spirit of Cancer:(meekly)  This tiny ministry is called Word at Work.  Their leader's name is
Al Houghton and his message is very dangerous to us. He is telling the High
One's church to pray against our evil servants.  I tried to kill him with my spirit,
but the High One's Son saved him (cancer near tears).

Satan:Control yourself cancer. I think the Spirit of Tradition will have something to
say about this.

Spirit of Tradition:Master, all praise to you. To ease your evil heart cancer, we all may lose a few
battles but we will win the war.

All Spirits:Our god, Lord satan will win the war.  (much joy).

Spirit of Tradition:As you all know, because of your work, I have taken the power out of the church and for hundreds of years insisted that they pray blessing on all who have been put in authority. A few will follow Word at Work, but because of me, only a few.

Satan:Tradition, good report.  Now let's hear from our greatest prophet in the US, the
Spirit of Entertainment.

Spirit of
Entertainment:Lord satan, Hollywood completely worships you. Their movies are all about
what we are doing. Sex, drugs, violence and most of all, disaster movies.  Like
Volcano, Earthquake, Twister, Day After Tomorrow, etc.

Satan:I am starting to get that warm and fuzzy feeling again.

All Spirits:Us too.  What about your son that you have hidden these many years.  They
call him the Antichrist in the High One's Bible.

Satan:(In a moment of reflection)  Awe my son, my beautiful son, who will deceive
the whole world.

All Spirits:Is he on the earth now?

Satan:Yes, he is the man standing in the shadow of the world.

All Spirits:If we could only see him.

Satan:If you've seen me you have seen him. I am in Him and He is in me. At one
point I will take him over fully and declare to the world that I am god.

All Spirits:(Rejoicing)  We praise you master, forever and ever. But how will your son
explain to the humans all the disasters we have planned for the earth?

Satan:He will blame it on global warming and, if anything happens like this
rapture the High One's church talks about, my son will say the aliens or the
god's took them.

All Spirits:That will work, in fact, it's already working.

Satan:I said I had one last secret for you.  And this is it. Our lowest servants are the
demons on the earth. They are the ones who will end up in the lower regions
under the earth. When my son and I take over the earth we will have no more
use for them.  Do you now know how blessed you are to be in the second

All Spirits:(Beside themselves)  Glory, glory, glory to you master and thank you for sparing
us from outer darkness and the fires under the earth.

Satan:Now, our last new member but not the least.  The Spirit of Agenda's.  Tell us
of your works, spirit of agenda. Let's say concerning the two nations that I
hate most. Israel, the apple of the High One's eye and the United States, the
prodigal son of the High One.

Spirit of Agenda:I have done a wonderful job with both of these nations. Israel is surrounded
and feels all alone. The United States has sided with your nation Iran and
turned their back on Israel. Could it be time for your prince, the messiah,
who they have been waiting so long for?

Satan:Yes, it is time now that we have the US out of the way.  Continue Agenda.

Spirit of Agenda:The United States, the second most hated nation in the world, I have great
news.  60% of the nation believes that gay marriage is normal. Even themselvesSupreme Court has voted in favor of gay marriage and made it the law of the

Satan:The next council meeting will be in 2024.  I want that approval rating at 100%.

All Spirits:That will happen for sure. We will work hard to bring that to pass.

Satan:I'm sure, you had better!  Now for a good thought. I want our next meetingsto be on the earth in Jerusalem.  With me, as god of the earth and the universe.

All Spirits:Yes, yes, yes. We praise you Lord Satan.  You have deceived the US who is now
like a man who looks into a mirror and forgets what he looks like. And it's only
taken 100 years to bring them to a point of destruction.

Satan:I am loving this report, All Spirits, but please continue Spirit of Agenda.

Spirit of Agenda:Now for my work in the government.  It is all going our way. And that way is
full communism, long before our next council meeting.

Satan:Good, very good, that is my will for the US. And agenda, I am promoting you to
stand at my side by my throne.

Spirit of Agenda:I'm not worthy lord satan.

Satan:Of course you're not.  This report is much better than our last in 2008. When
I think of 2024, I start vibrating all over.

All Spirits:Because you vibrate master, we all vibrate.  Glory, glory, glory to the god of
this age, our lord and king, lord satan. Amen!




TIME:November 8-16, 2016


Satan:Upset.  Well what just happened?

All Spirits:Confused.  Did something happen? Did it?  Did it?

Satan:I'm talking about this Trump person being elected instead of our
candidate. This falls under the ministry of Deception.  Where is

All Spirits:He's having breakfast.

Satan:Of what?

All Spirits:Of bugs....he likes bugs.

Satan:Since when do we have bugs in my second heaven?

All Spirits:Since you promoted a few dark angels from earth to up here.

Satan:You tell Deception if he does not get here in a split second, I will
demote him down to earth where he can live with the bugs forever.

All Spirits:Here he is master.

Satan:Well Deception.  I see eating bugs is more important to you than
being with me. And must I remind you Deception when I last spoke
to you about failing me, something about you being on thin ice.  I
can now see that the ice under your feet is breaking.

Deception:No, no, no lord satan. Let me explain please.

Satan:Go ahead, we are all listening.

Deception:Number one.  It's not as bad as it seems.  Number two. Our side
got 67 million votes.  Over half of America still loves you master. 
Number three.  Part of Trump's own party hates him, meaning all
his programs will fail in the senate and congress. Number four.
All of the media is on our side. The bad news is the High One's
Church voted this time.

Satan:I must admit Deception, you made some good points. Now let's
hear from one of my favorite spirits, the Spirit of Antichrist.

Spirit of
 Antichrist:My ministry is moving so fast all over the world, but especially in
the nation that you master want to destroy first, the US.  I think the
beauty of my work, and something that will make you feel better
lord. is that 90% of the world worships you and they don't believe
you exist, which has been your deceptive goal all along.

All Spirits:Laughter and more laughter.

Satan:Good report. I am starting to feel better.  Let me hear a little bit
more from you.

Spirit of
Antichrist:What a great ministry you have given me lord satan, the promotion
of your spirit.  I have been moving your spirit around a lot, from the
middle east to Rome, to America, to promote the things that please
you and deceive the humans, such as global warming, aliens, many
ways to God, etc.

Satan:That report is music to my ears. That's enough for now, we will
have our next council meeting in 8 years, when the Trumpster
leaves office and we move in again.  When we do we will start
slowly killing the High One's servants, the conservatives and the
Jews.  All these I hate so who do you say that I am?

All Spirits:Together in a chant: The god of this age with the whole world in
your evil hands.

Satan:And our continuous goal is to what?

All Spirits:To kill, steal, and destroy.

Satan:One last question. I thought the Trumpster belonged to me.
What went wrong?

All Spirits:He started running for president and got around some of the High
One's servants.  Now he is starting to act like one.

Satan:We must do everything we can to reverse this new mindset.

All Spirits:At your word lord satan, at your word.


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