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The Living Jesus

The Living Jesus

He came to earth as a man, and he loves all of mankind.

He is the God of all compassion and comfort.

He is the rebuilder of the broken down walls of human life.

He is the God of the fresh start; abundant pardon and mercy for everyone.

He is the author of deliverance, healing, and restoration.

He is total salvation;
Righteousness for our sinful natures,
peace for our troubled minds,
and healing for our sick bodies.

He is the source of love, joy and harmony in millions of homes.

He fills the lives of countless people with hope, purpose, and meaning.

He inspires multitudes of people to love and care for hurting humanity.

He is the lover of my soul.

He is the savior of my soul.

He is my living, loving, liberating, life-saving Lord.

He is Jesus. He is God. He is mine.

Jesus never stops giving,
Jesus never stops forgiving,
Jesus never stops loving.
There is no greater love.

"Because I live, you will live also."
(John 14:19)

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