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When I am hurt or harmed, to forgive is the very last thing my flesh wants me to do, but the first thing God wants me to do.

Forgiveness is for my benefit, to get rid of my anger, resentment and bitterness.   The pain and frustration may linger even for a long while -- but forgiveness heals! It is a necessary first step toward bringing peace back into my life.

Unforgiveness is a seriousness sin because it denies the cross.  (Mathew 6:23)

Unforgiveness invites judgment.
(Mathew 18:21-35)

Real forgiveness is always proactive.
(Luke 23:34)

Real forgiveness does not come down to us.
It flows through us.
Mathew 6:12)

 Real forgiveness always comes from the heart.
(Mathew 18:35)

Forgive Everyone Including Yourself And Do It Now!

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