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Kathryn Kuhlman



Ten Things I Learned From Kathryn Kuhlman

Ten Things I Loved About Kathryn Kuhlman

1. Jesus is alive!   Therefore, miracles happen today!

2. People were healed in Kathryn's meetings, just sitting quietly in their seats, not touched by Kathryn, but touched by the Holy Spirit. The very same Holy Spirit who performed all of the miracles we read about in the Bible.

3. Kathryn never claimed to have any healing virtue. For everything that happened in her meetings, God got all the credit, God got all the glory.

4. Kathryn never claimed to be an authority on the subject of faith and healing. When asked, "why isn't everyone healed?",  she simply replied, "I don't know."

5. Kathryn stayed far, far away from the subject of faith. She had nothing but contempt for anyone who would suggest that the only reason sick people are not healed is because of their lack of faith. Kathryn never taught about the subject of faith. Kathryn never condemned anyone for having a lack of faith. Kathryn never accused anyone of not being healed because of a  lack of faith.

6. Kathryn always said the greatest miracle was salvation -- the new birth experience.

7. It seemed as though everyone was in awe of Kathryn's ministry.  The Kathryn I knew was never in awe of her ministry, but was always in awe of her God. She just loved and loved her Jesus.

8. Kathryn never talked much about healing or miracles.  Kathryn never told people to seek healing or miracles. She told everyone  to seek God.

9. Kathryn had nothing but loving admiration for the medical profession.  She never acted as if she was in competition with them, or was somehow better than them. She encouraged everyone healed in her meetings to go back to their doctor so their healing could be medically verified.  Over the years, hundreds of medical doctors came forth to endorse her ministry.

10.  Kathryn always referred to her ministry as a sacred trust. I listened to Kathryn's radio and TV programs for years. I never heard Kathryn ask for money on any of her programs.  I never heard her say people would be healed or blessed in any way by contributing money to her ministry.

"I believe in miracles.  But never forget,

I believe in miracles, because I believe in God"

  -- Kathryn Kuhlman

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