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From the book:

 A More Excellent Way,
Spiritual Roots of Disease, Pathways to Wholeness

By: Henry W. Wright


     This book is dedicated to my mother, Norma Anne Wilson Wright, who went to be with the LORD, Thanksgiving Day, 1977. When I was in her womb she was dying with cancer, the type of cancer was fibro sarcoma cancer, fast-growing and fatal. This cancer was wrapped around her jugular vein and had spread to large areas in her neck and up into the base of her brain. In this condition, paralyzed, wasting away and dying, she was present at a church service in Hatfield's Point, New Brunswick, Canada, about 2 months after I was born. At this service God touched her and she was instantly healed. Her doctors were unable to find any trace of the masses of cancer that they had observed prior. The cancer was gone. No medical treatment had been given. She lived for 34 more years and was probably the only place of peace I ever had growing up. Her faith and her example and the testimony of her life continues to set an example for me, and not only me, but others that I can touch because of her steadfast faith in God. Her healing sets a standard within me against the enemy, for of a truth, God is no respecter of persons and what He has done for one, He will do for another.

The Jack Rhoden Story

I was a total alcoholic. I was a helpless, incurable, hope- to-die alcoholic. Finally, after years and years of heavy drinking, I received the death sentence. The doctor said I had two weeks to live. The really sad thing about this is that I once enjoyed a good relationship with the Lord. But now the bottle was the lord of my life. Did I have a desire to live? Yes, But I had an even greater desire to keep drinking.  That's what I chose to do. I knew what it was doing to me. I fully realized the horror of it. Physically, I was all swollen up, my system was poisoned, I could barely walk, I could hardly move. My entire body was wracked with pain. But I had let it go on far too long, Now I was a total slave . . .powerless ... demoralized . .. defeated . . . dying .

Two days after I visited the doctor, a well respected Christian lady stopped by the house to visit my wife, She informed my wife that she recently had a vision of me being totally healed and delivered at a Fays Spencer Holy Spirit Healing Service.

Divine Healing? Prayer? Why not? A miracle was the only thing standing between me and death. That night my wife and I attended Faye Spencer's Church. He began the service with a strange request. He said the Lord would give everyone in attendance the desire of their heart IF they brought twenty dollars to the front of the church. My wife only knew one thing, she wanted me well, So, she brought the money forward, As she turned around to go back to her seat Pastor Spencer had a Word of Knowledge (1 Corinthians 1 2). He described my condition in complete detail and told her that if I came forward I would be healed. Minutes later I was standing in front of Pastor Spencer  He poured his hand full of oil (James 5:14,1 5] and slapped me in the head! The pain almost killed me! Pastor Spencer then took off running, dancing, shouting and praising God all over the front of the church. He was speaking in tongues, with his hands uplifted, just haying a great time!

And there I stood in agony. I was in a miserable, pitiful condition and it cost me twenty dollars for the privilege. At that point my greatest desire was, "Lord, don't let him come back!"

Then I became aware of the oil running down my face Suddenly, it was the ONLY thing in the world that I was aware of, Then I had my own vision: I saw the men as they put a crown of thorns on the head of Jesus. I could see the blood start to run down HIS face. As the oil was running down my face I knew I was feeling what Jesus felt, This is what He experienced the day He took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses (Isaiah 53:4, 5 & Matthew 8:17 6, 1Peter 2:24). He took them and bore them so I could be free from them!

Pastor Spencer then walked up to me, put his hand on my chest and spoke just one word, "JESUS!",  Jesus,  the name that is above every name! There is power in the name of Jesus! I know, I was totally healed! Healed, instantly! Seconds before I could barely walk, but now I took off running around the inside of the church. Then, all the people started following me. The glory of the Lord fell! We had one of the greatest celebrations of all time!
That was twenty years ago. I was healed then. I am healed now. It's true! It's real!! I have not even been tempted with alcohol since that day. Best of all, my relationship with the Lord has been fully restored! Yes, I received a miracle! Jesus made me free! Mercy rewrote my life, To God be the Glory


August 1st. 1972. My greatest day as a San Diego Padre.
The day that put me on top of the sports world. My 5 home runs tied a major league record. My 13 runs batted in set a major league record. My 22 total bases also set a major league record.

August 1st, 1972 was a great day for me, but I had an even greater day several years later. The greatest day of my life was the day I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.

The most important thing we can do in this life is prepare for the next life. Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Jesus says He has things prepared. Jesus is the Door (John 10:9). We walk through Jesus into the
 fullness of God! If you don't know the living, loving, healing, lifesaving Jesus, call upon Him to become your personal Savior.

He will.

He is waiting for you.

This could be YOUR greatest day!


Drug Dealer
The Brandy Callaway Story

I was one of the top drug dealers in the Pacific Northwest. I was big time. I had over 100 people working for me. I carried a suitcase full of money and drugs with me everywhere I went.

I was a successful, wealthy, bigshot dealer. But I was also a scared, miserable, helpless addict.

On July 5th, 1983, 46 law enforcement agents came crashing into my house. They came with bullet-proof vests and weapons drawn - ready to blow holes in anytyhing that moved. I was busted.

I was up on charges with a possible maximum sentence of 110 years in the State Correctional Institute and 60 years in the Federal Correctional Institute, plus $615,000 in fines.

Ten months later my girlfriend, Dolleigh, was informed by her doctors that she might die. For years she suffered with an incurable blood disease. That was bad. But to make matters worse, she came down with a case of hepatitis. This made it impossible for her to take her medication for the blood disease. The prognosis looked grim.

This was the end of "the good life." It looked like I was going to prison, and Dolleigh was going to die.

What happened next was a series of miracles that changed our lives - forever!

Miracle #1. . . I ran into an old friend, Hank DeGroat. Hank and I used to get high together, but I had not seen him in over 9 years. Hank informed me that he was now on something new, "The Almighty High." He also informed me that he now had a healing ministry. He said he wanted to pray for Dolleigh. They next day he did, and SHE WAS HEALED! INSTANLY HEALED! TOTALLY HEALED!

Miracle #2. . . Dolleigh invited Jesus Christ into her life to be her Savior and Lord (Romans 10:9, 10). Then I did the same.

Miracle#3. . . We were both totally delivered from drugs.

 Miracle #4. . . In a direct and dynamic answer to prayer, all charged against us were dropped. This happened when the chief prosecution witness against us - a narcotics agent - was himself arrested on drug charges.

Miracle #5. . . We were married, and a short time later entered the ministry.

God supernaturally manifested Himself in our lives. Not because were were good, but because GOD IS GOOD! God offers Jesus. Jesus changes lives! Our lives are now filled with REAL JOY!

We were BORN AGAIN! Transformed - from darkness to Light . . . from sickness to Health . . . from bondage to Freedom . . . from condemnation to Forgiveness . . . from turmoil to Peace . . . from death to Life . . .

We now minister the power and love of Jesus Christ to all who seek freedom from sickness and bondage. Our new message: Jesus is THE MOST HIGH!

Brandy and Dolleigh Callaway are friends of mine. They are real people. They had real problems. They found real liberation. You can find God, if you really want to. Jesus is THE WAY to God. Jesus came to forgive you. Jesus came to heal you. Jesus came to love you. Everything He did He did for YOU. The question is still the same - what are you going to do with Jesus? It's your choice, it's your destiny, it's your life. Jesus came to take the pressure off. Let Him! You can begin a real relationship with God right now by inviting Jesus into your life. . .

"Jesus, come into my life. Be my Savior, Healer, Liberator & Friend. Help me, guide me & change me."


New Life

 "I've always been a practical man. It seemed logical to think we'd be happy when I achieved my goals in financial success. I thought I had all the answers to life. But I found out I didn't. My problems piled up. During those difficult days, I had a feeling inside that maybe life had a deeper meaning than I knew. I began to read the Bible. I felt God impress me with a need to make Jesus Christ Lord of my life. I invited Christ to come and change me. And He did. Happiness is now a daily experience." 
Bob Bizzell

 "I've always had tremendous drive and ambition. I worked hard to reach goals that brought success and money. But success also brought problems and pressures. My business made me a nervous wreck... my wife and I drifted into two different worlds... my kids didn't know me. I felt, 'There's got to be more to life than ulcers and problems.' Then I found it! (NEW LIFE IN JESUS) My life turned around. Our home is now warm and rich in love. As to my I'm relaxed!"
 George Ott.

 "I have laid my hands on all manner of sick people and God has miraculously healed them,  everything from a virus to a cancer. I've seen blind eyes and deaf ears opened, and malformed limbs lengthened, strengthened and rebuilt. I'm fully convinced that the miracle of supernatural healing is one of God's calling cards to a non believing world, and I am literally thrilled beyond belief at the thought of being part of this present move of the Holy Spirit,"
John Prine M.D.

 "I  look at life and it's hard for me to realize that for thirty-two years I was nothing but a loser. Life is very enjoyable now. but for those first thirty-two years I didn't have any direction, Everything I tried to do ended up wrong. I had lost the staff of twenty-one people. The house in which we lived had been taken from us. My wife was fearing for her own sanity, she had no choice but to leave.  I was living on a friends lot, one room, no running water, no goal, no purpose, totally alone. But then.. then a hand with a nail-print reached downward! Just one touch, and my NEW LIFE began!" 
Doug Oldham

"I   had a  husband,  two children,  money, even a  maid  to  help  me. But I was miserable, I tried to kill myself. I tried all kinds of  solutions, one day I got down on my knees and prayed, I invited Jesus into my life. The Lord has completely changed my life! In Jesus I found the answer to all my needs."
Charlotte Bizzell

 "In a series of miracles Jesus filled my wife and me with the Holy Spirit. So many patients come into my office with problems that only Jesus in His love can solve. A couple came into my office who had been advised that the husband had an incurable heart condition. I took him to a full Gospel meeting where he had special prayer. On his next visit to his physician the tests showed nothing wrong with the man's heart. One of our daughters had been born with an incurable asthmatic condition. My wife and I prayed for her and she has been completely healed since that day! We have learned to allow Jesus to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords in our home and medical office." Douglas Fowler M.D.

 "Over three years ago I had become what is considered an American success story, a pediatrician with lots of money. But just when things were really going well three of my children turned on to drugs, and my wife began talking about divorce. My concept of Jesus was that He was here 2000 years ago and would return sometime in the future. In between, it was every man for himself. But since my family life was getting worse I consented to attend a meeting to hear David Duplessis. My wife and I gave our lives completely over to the Lord. Then he laid hands on us and we spoke with other tongues. Within three months all three of our children came to know Jesus. They no longer needed drugs! One day I came across a little first grader who walked with a limp because one of his legs was shorter than the other. I held his feet in my hands and quietly prayed in tongues. As I did so, the short limb grew out even with the other one. What a wonderful life it is for a Christian living in the power of the Holy
Stephen P. Gyland M.D.

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