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  1. A discernible increase in the manifest presence of God.
  2. A noticeable change in the spiritual atmosphere of the church and         community
  3. A desperate hunger for God with meetings that last weeks,                         months, or years.
  4. Deliverance on a grand scale.
  5. An outpouring of miraculous healings on a grand scale.
  6. Conviction and repentance with multitudes saved and                                 rededicated to Christ.
  7. A spiritual refreshing, recharging, and restoration.
  8. Life changing encounters with God.
  9. Manifestation of spiritual gifts.
10. Impartation of spiritual gifts.
11. Awesome outpouring of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of                       speaking in tongues.
12. The Glory of God so prevalent that people must literally be                        assisted out at the conclusion of services.
13. A new enthusiasm and intensity for praise, worship, prayer, and              bible reading.
14. An outpouring of divine love.
15. A super-charged atmosphere of faith.
16. An awesome sense of expectancy.
17. A supernatural infusion of joy including holy laughter, and                        "spiritual drunkenness".
18. A burning fire, desire, and power for holiness and service.
19. Dreams and visions,
20. A tremendous birthing of new ministries.
21. A new reverence and awe for the Almighty.

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